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0.5 micron Diamond Paste
0.5 micron monocrystalline diamond paste used for resharpening a razor's cutting edge. Strop..
NZ$ 20.00
1.5 micron Diamond Paste
1.5 micron monocrystalline diamond paste used for resharpening a razor's cutting edge. Strop..
NZ$ 20.00
Thiers-Issard Sharpening Paste
Sharpening paste made in France by Thiers-Issard. This paste has an equivalent grit to a 10k wate..
NZ$ 20.00
Dovo Leather Strop Conditioning Paste
Leather strops tend to dry out after use and time. Applying this strop conditioner paste will rej..
NZ$ 20.00
Merkur Alum Block
Alum or Potassium Alum is a naturally occuring mineral used to sooth skin irritaton after shaving..
NZ$ 25.00
Taylor Bay Rum 250ml
A classic fragranced after shave with a rich spicy scent. Featuring genuine crushed bay leaves in..
NZ$ 50.00
Colonel Conk natural shave lotion
Shave lotion is designed to sooth and refresh your skin after shaving, relieving some of the irri..
NZ$ 40.00
Colonel Conk shave lotion - Almond
An aftershave balm with a light masculine scent of almond, perfect for soothing and moisturising ..
NZ$ 55.00
Clubman Moustache Wax
Keep your moustache in shape with this quality wax. The beeswax based formula with naturally deri..
NZ$ 15.00
Clubman Styptic pencil
Stops bleeding fast, ideal for treating razor nicks and minor cuts. 10ml travel size. ..
NZ$ 6.50
Thiers-Issard Shaving Bowl
This Soap Bowl from Theirs-Issard is perfectly sized to hold their renound shaving soaps. At..
NZ$ 35.00
Dovo Leather Slip Case
Keep your razor safe with this genuine leather case from Dovo. Made to fit most razors up to 6/8"..
NZ$ 30.00
Thiers-Issard Leather Slip Case
Protect your razor with this stylish case with flap. Made from fine Barenia leather thi..
NZ$ 25.00
Dovo Leather Razor Case
Keep your precious razors safe with this genuine calf leather case from Dovo. This hard-case has ..
NZ$ 150.00
Norton Combination 220 / 1000 Water Stone
The Norton 220/1000 grit Water Stone is a quick-cutting combination stone used for removing relat..
NZ$ 275.00
Norton Combination 4000 / 8000 Water Stone
The Norton 4000/8000 grit Water Stone is an excellent stone for honing cut-throat razors. The 400..
NZ$ 250.00
Norton Lapping Stone
The Norton Lapping Stone is made from hard-wearing silica-carbide and is used to flatten water st..
NZ$ 60.00
Comoy Shave Brush stand
A transparent acrylic brush stand to store your brush on when not in use. ..
NZ$ 7.50
Dovo Razor and brush stand
This quality stand from Dovo is perfect for keeping your brush and razor in. Holding the razor an..
NZ$ 100.00
Dorco Razor blades
Dorco Platinum ST300 razor blades - 10 double sided Stainless Steel blades to fit a Disposable bl..
NZ$ 10.00
Shave Mirror
A stylish swivel shave mirror finished in chrome. The 365 x 164mm mirror has a magnified sid..
NZ$ 75.00
Dovo Nose Scissors
Professional quality 4" stainless steel scissors by Dovo specially designed for trimming nose and..
NZ$ 65.00
Groom MateXL Platinum Nose and Ear clippers
Solid stainless steel clippers specially designed for trimming nose and ear hair. A twist of the ..
NZ$ 40.00
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