A good quality brush will hold plenty of soap and water, creating a thick moist lather on your face that will help the blade glide over your skin giving a close, comfortable shave.

Brushes are either made of synthetic or natural bristles or a combination of both. The natural bristle brushes are superior in their ability to hold more soap and water than the cheaper synthetic brushes, and are usually made of either boar or badger hair. More soap and water in the brush means a thicker, moister lather and a smoother, more comfortable shave. 

Shaving soaps, as opposed to shaving creams and gels that come in an aerosol can, are made for use with shaving brushes. They rely on the bristles to pick up the soap and work it into a lather either in a shaving mug or bowl, or directly onto the face.

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Vulfix Pure Bristle shaving brush
Often preferred by those who like a stiffer feel, this Boar Bristle brush is hand-made in th..
NZ$ 45.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Vulfix Pure badger travel brush
Badger bristles are widely held to make the best shaving brushes. The bristle's excellent water-h..
NZ$ 85.00
Thiers Issard Badger shaving brush
A high quality brush, hand made and hand filled by Thiers Issard in France. The 21mm pure badger ..
NZ$ 75.00
Vulfix Super Badger shaving brush
Super Badger bristles are very soft and pliable, giving better water-holding properties than regu..
NZ$ 100.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Dovo Silver Tip Badger Shaving brush
This minimalist brush by Dovo is made from Silver Tip Badger Bristle, the very best material avai..
NZ$ 235.00
Colonel Conk shave soap - Almond
This shave soap produces a rich, thick lather with a light almond fragrance. The avocado oil and ..
NZ$ 20.00
Colonel Conk natural shave soap
These shave soaps are part of Colonel Conk's naturals range, quality shave products that are frie..
NZ$ 20.00
Taylor Shave Cream
Luxurious shaving cream in a plastic pot, made by Taylor of Old Bond Street in England. ..
NZ$ 25.00
Thiers-Issard Shaving Soap
Specially formulated by Thiers-Issard to give a rich lather - perfect for cut-throat razor shavin..
NZ$ 22.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Thiers-Issard Shaving Soap
The new shaving soap from Thiers-Issard. This glycerin-based shaving soap with sweet almond and s..
NZ$ 22.00
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