A Strop is an essential piece of cut-throat shaving equipment. It is used before every shave, so you are going to need one.

Stropping is a learned technique that takes some time to master - and until you do it's likely that your strop is going to get nicks and cuts. We recommend starting with a basic strop until you gain a feel for it, then upgrade to a high quality strop once you're confident. There's nothing sadder than a beautiful new leather strop with a big ugly cut in it.

There are three main types of hanging strop in the world of cut-throat razor shaving; 

The leather strop – for stropping before every shave. This aligns the very fine shaving edge on the blade, a must when using a cut-throat razor. 

The pre-strop – used before the leather strop. This protects the leather by cleaning the razor first. A pre-strop is usually made of a natural cotton canvas or linen. 

The linen strop – used to hold abrasive stropping pastes to sharpen the razor edge. Linen strops can also be used for the pre-strop stage.

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GB Leather strop
A Leather hanging strop made from ‘A’ grade cow hide and nickel-plated hardware. The strop is 2” ..
NZ$ 45.00
Based on 2 reviews.
GB Linen strop
A double-sided Linen strop made from natural cotton with leather-bound ends and nickel-..
NZ$ 35.00
GB Canvas Strop
A Canvas strop made from natural cotton canvas with leather-bound ends and nickel-plate..
NZ$ 35.00
Dovo Leather and Canvas strop
This strop has a leather side for stropping before shaving, as well as a canvas side. The canvas ..
NZ$ 95.00
Dovo Premium Leather and Canvas strop
The Premium strop has a juchten leather side for stropping before shaving, as well as a canvas si..
NZ$ 185.00
Dovo Extra wide Russian Leather strop
The Extra Wide Russian Strop is a full 3 inches across making it wide enough to strop any cut-thr..
NZ$ 190.00
Thiers Issard Box Strop
A beautifully crafted wooden box strop with two leather surfaces, one for stropping the razor bef..
NZ$ 170.00
Dovo Paddle Strop
The Dovo paddle strop is a double sided leather strop with a polished wood frame. One side can be..
NZ$ 195.00
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